Things to Carry to Udaipur: Industrial Visit

by - January 14, 2014

So tonight I'll be leaving for Bandra Terminus, to catch the train of 11:35 (or 11:25). As I told you, I'm sort of excited. I couldn't write blog yesterday, as I was suffering badly from a stomach pain. I was crying buckets of water.

Things to Carry to Udaipur, Rajasthan- (Industrial Visit Version)

  1. Sweaters/Sweatshirts/Hoodies // Okay, by Sweater, I mean Sweatshirts, obviously. I'm carrying four of them. I know it's just a 5 day trip, but I seriously love all of them, and cannot leave them back. Actually there were many other sweaters that I abandoned (ha ha!).
  2. Cotton 
  3. Medicines // Carry three tablets of every medicine. I have packed head pain, stomach pain, cold, fever, acidity, etc. Also carry your prescribed medicines.
  4. Cough Syrup // It's January plus a non-AC train journey, so it's going to be possible for you to catch cold or cough. So better carry a small bottle of cough syrup.
  5. Band-aids
  6. Antiseptic Liquid
  7. Pain Balm // Pain Balms for head pain, cold and joints's pain is must.
  8. Moisturizer
  9. Lip Balm
  10. Kohl // I mean, carry your makeup. 
  11. Blanket // If you're going to be travelling by a non-AC train, then blanket is obvious, as they don't provide you with one in non-AC.
  12. Sneakers // Sneakers for sightseeing.
  13. Flip-flops // Nothing is as good as a pair of flip-flops in a train journey. 
  14. Ponytail holders
  15. Muffler
  16. Gloves // Pairs of gloves are not necessary, however you can always carry your favorite pair of gloves to Udaipur.
  17. Ear phones
  18. Notebook + Pen // This is not necessary, but if you wish to jot down the things you did, like a travel journal, then carry these.
  19. Extra Mobile Phone // Getting a charging point in train is a bit difficult. Students are always in a queue to charge their mobile phones. So last year I had carried an inexpensive and old phone of my mother. I used it whenever the battery was down of my regular mobile phone, or to listen to music. 
  20. Snacks // There's absolutely no compulsion to carry snacks, as you get them on platforms or in trains. But since I'm not travelling with my parents, I have to carry a packet or two of chips or cookies.
  21. Clothes 
  22. Handkerchiefs/Napkins // I have carried both, napkin as well as handkerchiefs. Catching cold is something very obvious. So you'll need handkerchiefs.
  23. Tissues // Wet and dry.
  24. Towel // You get a towel in the hotel room, but it's great if you carry one.
  25. Toothbrush
  26. Toothpaste // You get one in the hotel room, like 85% of the times.
  27. Sewing Kit // You never know.
  28. Swiss Knife // Do I need to explain this?
  29. Sunglasses
  30. Glasses // What if one night you decide to relax back in your hotel room and watch some TV? 
  31. Camera + USB + Charger // You're carrying a laptop or no, carry a USB drive. And hello, camera is a MUST. 
  32. Shampoo-Conditioner Sachets // You get small bottles of these in the hotel room, but it's better to carry your regular shampoo.
  33. Entertainment // I'm carrying cards like UNO.
  34. Mouth fresheners // These are must!
  35. Scarf
  36. Recharge Coupons // What if your network provider use your balance for the internet? You'll need a back up. 
  37. Face Wash/Soap 
  38. Socks // For protecting your feet from cold in the train journey.
  39. Plastic bags // These are must. You can use these for keeping the old laundry, shoes, trash, and what if you throw up? (Gross, isn't it?)
  40. Newspapers // Just like that.
  41. Moping Cloth // To wipe the dust (if any) off the train seats.
  42. Beanies/Monkey Caps
  43. Torch
  44. Shower Caps // (Not necessary)
  45. Id Cards // They're important, no matter where you go.
  46. Wallet // Money for shopping!

P.S. The list might change if you're going with your parents or are a foreign tourist. 

Thanks for reading!

I'll try writing posts from Udaipur, if I get time. Till then, keep smiling.

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