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by - January 10, 2014

Before starting the post, let me tell what I just cooked and had- Schezwan Rice and Manchurian Balls with Gravy! Oh. My. God. They tasted heaven. I just wanna tell how I made them, no, no, not the recipe.
I made the Ready-Made Manchurian Balls. So all I wanna say is, try these Ready-Made recipes. I'm not a fan of ready-made food, but this one was a-mazing, trust me.

Alright, enough of food talks, and let's go to our topic- NAILS. I hope I enlighten you with these facts about nails.

  1. Nail Polish bottles are supposed to be kept in a cool, dark and, dry place. If you follow this rule, then your polish will last for about a year.
  2. If you have brittle nails, then drink lots of water. Also, increase your protein intake. 
  3. Do not use your hair-dryer for drying the polish. The heat will melt it. Use a normal air-blowing fan, instead. 
  4. You can start your basic manicure at home. Try basic nail art after that. And when you become an expert in the basic nail art, go for designs and different shapes. After all, you've got 20 canvases to fill!
  5. Do you know the sun make your nails brittle? So before stepping out in the sun, make sure you smear a bit of the sunscreen on your nails too. 
  6. Apply moisturizer on your nails before diving in the pool. Moisturizer will help in keeping off the brittleness.
  7. If you see bubbles in your polish, try rolling the bottle between your hands, and don't shake it upside down. It will give the polish more bubbles.
  8. Also, carry out the similar step as in 7. in order to magically find a bit of nail polish in your otherwise out-of-polish or dry-polish bottle. 
  9. This tip was given to me by a family friend: If you feel irritated after cutting nails, because maybe you might have cut them too deeply (that is, near your skin), then try cutting nails while you are under the shower. Water makes your nails soft, and it works amazingly. 
  10. If you get odor from your feet, maybe after wearing socks, or so, then apply a baby powder or a cornstarch powder. 

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