What's in my 'Pretty File/Folder'

by - December 30, 2013

I hope you guys remember my 'pretty file/folder'. So, after telling you how important it is to have one of these folders, let me show you what's in that? Of course you can keep your papers inside. But trust me; mine has more different things than just papers.

This is how it looks like, and I'm sure you must have seen it many times on my blog.
These folders are available at any stationery store. You just need to have enough luck to get a good one!

This is definitely the back side of the folder. It's more of clear than printed.

This folder has all of the craft items, not the supplies, but the papers. I keep these invitation cards inside. The last time I posted about a birthday card, I used one of these. So, treasure these cards, they'll be of major use.

What do you do of the left-out papers after cutting your desired shape? Throw them away? Well, I suggest keeping them safe. You never know when you'll need a small size of the desired paper. You don't wanna go down to the store, and buy a new one just for a small paper, do you? So better try this.

I keep my newspaper cut-outs in here, too. You never know when you'll need them. I've collected few tips from the newspapers, too. I will be posting soon.

Remember this paper I used to write the birthday message? I got this book free or you can say as a gift from online store in Shanghai. I sort of bought too many items online, so they gifted me this!

I also keep my labels and stickers in here. There isn't much of a collection of all of these now, but once upon a time, I did have.

And last but not the least, my kindergarten report cards. I know a serious and vital thing like this should be kept somewhere safe, but trust me, this place is safe too.

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