PC Table Cleanup Routine

by - December 29, 2013

I wiped off the dirt and dust from my Computer and its table on the last month's 25th. So, I made it a point to do this as a routine, maybe. 
Today I cleaned it, as I couldn't make it on the 25th December. 

This is the photo of the cleanup. 

So basically, I'm gonna make it a routine- to clean the computer table every month. 
If you guys are bored by your mother's constant "Clean your computer table", then I guess this would be a great idea. This way you won't feel that she is constantly asking you to clean it plus it would remain cleaned on a monthly basis. 

So how is it going to be possible? I'm sure you're not a human-calender. 
This is what I did- I wrote PC Cleanup on the 29th of the next month, i.e., January, in my agenda. So the next time I open it to see, it would be clearly written there. 
You don't need to own an agenda/planner/Filofax for this. You can write on your wall's calender, or maybe on your phone's calender. 

The things I used were a liquid soap and an old cloth. I hope you take interest in cleaning the-place-at-which-you-are-the-most, too!


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