Know Your Fragrance

by - December 13, 2013

Now that you know the difference between various scents, how about knowing different fragrances? And what they say about you?

  • ORIENTAL // Oriental fragrances have cinnamon, lavender, clove or vanilla. They're spicy. 
  • WHAT IT SAYS: You're sophisticated and mysterious.

  • FLORAL // That girly fragrance, yeah, is all that you would find in a garden - rose, jasmine, lilies any flower. 
  • WHAT IT SAYS: You're crazily romantic and sweet, the girl-next-door kind of girl! 
  • GREEN // Those ingredients from forest. Fresh forests, springs, peppermints, cucumber, etc. 
  • WHAT IT SAYS: You're active, and prefer everything natural.

  • CYPRESS //  They make you think like you're sitting beneath the stars, with a hot cup of coca. Ingredients included are sandalwood, oak, moss, etc.
  • WHAT IT SAYS: You're nurturing, and well, warm. 

  • CITRUS // Oranges, limes, tangerines, peaches, etc. 
  • WHAT IT SAYS: You're fun-loving, energetic, playful.

  • CONFECTION // It mixes all the fragrances like coca and sugary sweet stuff.
  • WHAT IT SAYS: You're innocent and adventurous!

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