Quiz Time: Signature Scent

by - December 14, 2013

How about finding a signature scent of yours? Take the quiz below to find out!

1. It's winter season. Which fragrance appeals you the most?
a.  The sweet aroma of candies.
b. The aroma of pine trees.
c. The smell of fallen leaves.
d. The smell of a log, which is on fire, like in camping.

2. You just got cash as a birthday gift. Which outfit would you be buying?
a. Romantic lace-y dress, with frills.
b. A simple t-shirt and sneakers.
c. A sweat-shirt, track pants and sports shoes.
d. A trendy top, shorts and cute shoes.

3. On weekends, you probably-
a. Spend time with best friends, by giving each other makeovers and all the girly stuff.
b. Read a fine novel, and update your personal diary.
c. Play sports.
d. Stick to your laptop and text your best friends.

4. What is your typical makeup regime?
a. You love enjoying it. You apply lots of makeup and love every thing about it.
b. You just apply lip-balm, every now and then (just to protect your lips).
c. You put a mascara/kohl and maybe a lip-gloss.
d. You really don't care. You could just highlight your hair pink too! Anything is cool with you.

5. Your time-table?
a. You don't take tension of all the activities and things to do. Rather you roam around the world with your best friends.
b. You balance your schedule properly. You have time for everything - School, extra curricular activities and friends.
c. You're super-active (and love it).
d. Your schedule is jam-packed. You are in every activity of your college, plus there are other things too. You just don't have time for yourself, too.

6. Which food you crave?
a. Hot donuts.
b. Pizza from the oven.
c. Ice-creams and yogurts.
d. Fresh salad.

7. You have a Fresher's party, what would you dress yourself in?
a. A flowing red gown.
b. A vintage look.
c. Black pants and a trendy party-wear top.
d. A silver mini-dress.

8. What do you think is your personality?
a. SWEET - You're always seen smiling and giving away compliments.
b. MELLOW - You love life and are calm and positive.
c. FUN - You love cracking jokes and acting silly to make your friends laugh!
d. OUTGOING - You're talkative and are ready for any challenge.


So, here's the much awaited result!!

Mostly As // Girly Girl
You are very girly, and love all the girly things. You love pink and are romantic.
Signature Scent: Strong Floral, or Citrus, or Confection.

Mostly Bs // Hippie Chic
You're a nature lover, and love everything natural.
Signature Scent: Vanilla, or Sandalwood.

Mostly Cs // Sports Diva
You're active, and love sports.
Signature Scent: Orange, or Lemon.

Mostly Ds // Funky Gal
You're the challenge-taker, and you like to be in-trend, always.
Signature Scent: Experiment with your favorite fragrances (or try new, every time).


I know you must be lovin' me for this quiz!

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