Kitchen Alert!

by - December 23, 2013

I sort of helped my mom with the kitchen. I mean, just to clean the glassware and other fancy crockery. So, would wanna write a short post on it.

These are the different glass types at home. 

There are 5 easy steps to clean the glassware-

  1. Place all the crockery and glassware items on your kitchen platform. 
  2. Clean the shelf/show-case where they usually are.
  3. Wash all of the items and keep them upside down on the platform.
  4. Dry off the bit of water that's left on them, using a dry cloth.
  5. Place and arrange the crockery items, beautifully, back on the shelf.
Not too much of a work, is it?

TIP: Call one of your friends, or your mom to make this work faster.

Here are some photos from my hard work-

These are plastic bowls, and we usually use them while guests are home, to serve them with Indian sweets, maybe.

Different plates. I love that big glass bowl. It has cute little apples over it.

These fancy bowls are used for keeping pickles or chutneys during functions or festivals.

THIS banana shaped thing is a blessing to a fruit-lover like me. The small steel sticks that you see are sort of small forks. All we gotta do is prick them in the fruit, and munch-munch. My mom had got this as a gift.

I love this cup. Though I don't use it much. There were three of them when we purchased. One is with my brother, one with my father, and this one, is here, at home.

A closer view of one of the glassware. This design is not my favorite.

This was it.

Thank you. I hope you'll be interested in kitchen too, now.

P.S. My mother worked 75% on it. I was just clicking photos. 

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