DIY: Expense Book!

by - December 06, 2013

I have been wanting an Expense Book since long, but always failed to buy one. And then I thought, why not to make one of my own?
So here's a DIY, mostly out of crap at home. I hope you like it.

This is the final outcome! Though it appears shabby, trust me, you'll be totally proud of yourself after making it.

Things you'll need-

  1. Decorative paper (I used the glittery marriage invitation cards, as they were readily available at my home.)
  2. White paper (I used an old computer-paper, which was already printed on one side, but was useless.)
  3. Papers (I used old papers from my seventh grade notebook.)
  4. Thin card paper (I used the thin cover and back pages, of an old book, which I didn't want anymore. You can use cereal box, and tear it, and use it as your card paper.)
  5. Markers
  6. Stapler or Needle/Thread 
  7. Scissors
  8. Pencil
  9. Glue or Glue Pen
  10. Gift paper/Decorative paper
  11. Crayons (optional)

There are more things that you'll need-

  1. Tape
  2. Sketch pens


Take a sheet of paper on which you are going to write your expenses.

Fold all the sheets in half.

Place all the sheet on top of other (like a book).

Take your thin card paper. In this case: Take your old book.

Tear the pages from the book so that you get the cover page and the back page.

Keep the folded sheets of paper on the card paper, in such a way that the folded parts are beneath each other (just like in a book).

Draw points near the corner, indicating that the portion is to be cut. Draw lines with a ruler and a pencil, and cut out the part. Your cover page and back page is ready.

This is how it will look.

Take a stapler and open it.

Staple the pages like you see in books. This is a very, very tough step. I guess you might want to stitch the book, or simply use a glue-pen. I used a simple glue, so I hope the adhesiveness lasts longer!

Take your gift paper/decorating paper. Apply glue to the cover page, stick the gift paper on it. Cut the remaining portion of the gift paper.

Take a tape. Use a washy-tape or a decorative tape. I din't have one at home, so I used a regular tape.

Stick the tape to the edges of all the sides (cover page as well as back page).

Take a decorative paper and stick it. Later, take a piece of white paper and stick on top of it. And finally, write the name that you like!

Inside, you can make your own layout. I made this layout: Date, Particulars, Income (as in, the pocket money) and expenditure!

Happy Accounting!

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