Organize: Random Shelf

by - December 05, 2013

Okay, as I more Organization-related post. This particular shelf is my EASY ACCESS one. All the things that I don't keep on my worktop/desk, are in this shelf. And this shelf is situated very, very close to my desk.

These are all the things (plus, my camera), that rest in that shelf.

All the wires, like my headphones, camera charger, mobile charger and the earphones, are in.

All my drawing stuff, like extra sketch-pens, glue, ruler, crayons, etc., form a major part of the shelf.

Then there are tapes, like double-sided tape and the normal tape, plus the hole-puncher.

Later, my box of stick-notes, on which I made a very long post, is a great thing, because, I love having stick-notes in variety.

My hard-disk, and its red case, is always here. There are movies, college projects and other stuff inside it.

This was my Random AKA Easy Access Shelf.

Do you have any such drawer/shelf where you keep your easy-to-access things?

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