Things that I Loved Throughout // November

by - December 01, 2013

Alright, I know it is December already, and I still am talking about the past. Well, what I decide, I decide. I need to follow a certain schedule. I missed it, but that doesn't mean, I won't follow it.
To be frank, I hardly remember things that happen in the starting of any month. Still I try hard and try to remember, and eventually, I write down only the things that just happened, i.e.,during the month end.

  1. Hundred Posts // I finally posted 100 posts on this blog. And I love every post, and have really sweated behind each one of them. It feels nice to stick to your blog, and hit a century, eventually!
  2. Elephanta Trip // I always wanted to visit this island, and finally I did. Loved the trip with my society members.
  3. Winter-y Season // I am totally obsessed with winters. In the place where I stay, temperatures don't fall below 12 Degree (Even 12 Degree is at night, once or twice).Winters are when I can totally be myself-wear Hood-ies, black t-shirts and Converse cannys! Perfect. 
  4. Blank-ie // My cousin brother gifted me a blanket, along with other things, and I loved it a lot. It's super-cozy, plus perfect for my Industrial Visit (which is gonna happen soon).
  5. Love for Arsenal // Right now, Arsenal is on the top of the table with 31 points, and I can't help but love it more and more. (I admit, I did not watch the last match.)
  6. Diwali // Diwali's first day was amazing. Friends and I, is a great combo. All other days were nice too. I had actually worn a traditional piece of clothing on every evening of Diwali (to my surprise).
  7. Tulshi Vivah management // It meant a lot to me. I really put my heart into organizing this event. 
  8. Old group's party // My former group from college, threw a party, and I was invited too. It was nice being with them.
  9. Time with Building Friends // Vacations = Best time with building friends. Not too many of them, just two. But we gossiped, played and had fun together.
  10. Cookie Love // Well, almost every evening, I crave for a chocolate-chip cookie. I actually cried like a small kid today, because the stock of 'em was over.
  11. New aspects on FB Page // Loving how I struck with new ideas for improving the Facebook page. New aspects added are: Outfit Ideas, Photos From Instagram and quotes statuses. 

What did you LOVE about November?

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