Best Buy(s) // November

by - November 30, 2013

All these posts about Taking Care of Hair and Skin, really made me forget to upload wallpapers or even the Things That I love post...
So before the month ends, let me just make a post about the best buys of this month-November.

The whole of November month, I was at home, since I had Diwali vacation goin' on. However, I didn't shop anything. I watched One Tree Hill and few movies. I made blog posts. Sat down on society-benches with my society friends, just passing time around. I played with little girls, like actually ran races with them, played Ringa-Ringa-Roses, played Train-Train...and lots of other games! This month was more of being a kid, plus an adult, watching OTH Season 1.

Still I've made quiet a few buys, among which I would love to shortlist two of 'em-

(Photo from Instagram | theprettycitygirl)
I bought this mascara specially for Diwali. And to my surprise, my mom agreed 100% to buy it. Usually, she isn't the person who loves to splurge unnecessarily. Anyway, this great buy is just for Rs. 250, which is very, very cheap, for a branded mascara! So I happily bought it. I loved how it looks great on my 'lashes.  

(Photo from Instagram | theprettycitygirl)
Chappals or 'Slippers' looked great on my green Anarkali dress. The best thing about them is, that they're just for Rs. 100! Can you believe it? And yeah, I bought them from the roadside (my second purchase I did through street shopping). They have a short box heels, and yes, the green color is a-mazing. I love the mirror design on them, which is why they look so traditional. 

What are your best buys of this month? 

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