Day Out // Elephanta Caves (The things I carried)

by - November 10, 2013

I was very busy yesterday, and had a day-out today. My society members and I were planning one, since many, many days. And at last, the plan was executed today! I had never been to Elephanta Caves, ever in my life (in spite of bunking lectures and roaming in Mumbai)! The experience was different, as the company was different.
We had never went on such a trip with our society. This small trip just bonded our relationships.
I always like to go on World Heritage Sites, as I can see the unity in my secular country (I'm a big patriot, you see!)

I just want to share all the things that me and my mom carried to a day trip to Elephanta Caves, Mumbai-

  1. Back-Pack // Someone had told me that there are monkeys in there, so I had to carry a bag that was attached to me, thus avoiding my fear of the monkeys snatching it away! Plus, a big Adidas back-pack is always the best option for trips, as we have loads and loads of things to put inside. 
  2. Cap // Did I say I was obsessed with caps? Yeah, so travelling anywhere in Mumbai without a cap, is a hello-black-face! I carried a cap for the protection from direct heat of the sun. 
  3. Glares // I just cannot go on a trip without my glares in the carry-on luggage bag. I had carried my RayBan aviators, to add up the outfit. I carried them for the style-matter, you can say. However I used it when the sun was low. 
  4. Fresh Mints // I carried a packet of HappyDent chewing gums, as I always carry chewing gums for a trip. It is fun to chew a gum while you're travelling. 
  5. Napkin and Handkerchief // My mom always insists me on carrying this. I used my red napkin so many times, to wipe off the sweat. 
  6. Swiss Knife // My companion for a day or a night out: my Swiss knife. Well we used it to cut apple slices and onions (yes, we made Bhel, there! Typical Indian day-outs). 
  7. Mini Face-wash // The face-wash, which was one of my best-buys last month, was at last put to some utility, as we washed our blackened and dirty faces, there. 
  8. Tissues // I did not use tissues to wipe the sweat on my skin, but to clean my hands, after eating. 
  9. Sweet candies // My mom loves eating these candies for many reasons: to gain energy, to gain glucose and to avoid sudden and abrupt throw-ups. 
  10. Scarf/Dupatta // As my mom was in a Punjabi suit, she had a dupatta, else she would've had carried a scarf, for her sun protection. 
  11. Food // We carried sandwiches, to just much on, because other moms (from our group) had brought other such things too. So after adding up, it made a lot of  food. 
  12. Water // You seriously CANNOT travel to these caves without ample of water. We (everyone) had to buy many bottles, in spite of carrying ten bottles ourselves. 
  13. Newspapers and Plastic Bags // Plastic bags to throw away the garbage and for the abrupt throw-ups again, and newspapers to rest your 'back' on.
  14. Camera // In India, lots of historical places don't allow you to click photographs or take videos. But, yes, photography is allowed here, so it's a delight for the photographers! 

These were my not-so-perfect things that I carried to Elephanta Caves. THE MISSES are coming up tomorrow. 


Have you been to Elephanta Caves? 

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