5 Easy Hair Tips

by - November 19, 2013

So much about HAIR, lately. Well who doesn't love their gorgeous mane? And you really need to know how to take care of them, don't you?

  1. If you're too scared that your stylist might cut your beautifully-grown long hair, too short, then I have a solution: You can tell her where you want the scissors to hit your hair, instead of telling how many inches you wanna cut. This way, you're sure about the haircut, plus even your stylist is happy.
  2. If you want a particular haircut like that of your favorite celeb, then just carry a photo of hers (in your cellphone, or a magazine cut-out), and show it your stylist. She would exactly know what's really cooking in your head, and you would end up twinning your favorite celebrity! 
  3. Start your hair-wash with warm water while you shampoo, and then end it with cold water, while you rinse off your conditioner. My friend, Divya, had told me this once, when we were in 3rd grade.
  4. Rinse your shampoo/conditioner thoroughly, for at least two minutes. You don't wanna weigh your hair down, I'm sure.
  5. Shampoo your hair, rinse it, apply conditioner, do rest of your bathing activities, rinse off the conditioner. This way, you're sure of keeping the conditioner on, for like, 5 minutes, at least. 

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