Great Apps for Nokia Lumia // Part I

by - November 03, 2013

I have a Lumia 720, and really love some of its apps, and would love to share them.


6Tag was surely one of the reasons of my happiness in October. 6Tag is the Instagram for Lumia users. We can handle our Instagram accounts by using this app. I was waiting desperately for Instagram for Windows. I seriously am very happy that I discovered about this great app! I can't just stop 6tagging! 

Blink is an app, where many photos are clicked in a jiffy, with a single click (if there is a group photo, one can always switch their lens to Blink, so that the 'closure of the eyes' is avoided. I'm not a dedicated Blink user, but, indeed it's a great app. And I used it today to click the pictures of fire crackers and lights. 

Deadbolt is an app for storage of all kinds of passwords, from WiFi account or bank or personal accounts. You can store your debit/credit card numbers, your height, your electricity bill number, and just everything! Oh, and there's a password to open this app, which makes all your details, in a safe place.


This app is a really cute one. Though it has few bugs to be fixed, it is very cute. We can add pretty nose, eyes, clothes, accessories to our photos. I remember, I had turned my Versace pefume bottles into a man and a woman, and my friend's pet turtle, with cute eyes and lipstick coated lips. Lovely!

The app for finding difficult words. I've pinned onto my start window. You can even find Spanish words of the day, here! 

English Idioms
This app is great to find all the idioms. The great thing about this app is that there's a Search option in which we can type a word, and then you find all the idioms consisting that word!

Though there are very little fonts to choose from, FotoChop is a nice app to add Text to your photos.

Hair Style

You can add any celebrity's hairstyle to yourself, with this app. We had a hearty laugh after converting my little cousin brother, into a sexy woman. HA! 

Happy Period Lite

This app is helpful for girls, for managing their periodic tables.


I used to edit my photos in this app, before I discovered 6tag. It has many, many filters, borders and other editing tools. You can share your photos directly to Facebook and Twitter from here. 

Meme Lens

Though with bugs, this app is fun. You can add meme faces to your friends, or even click a picture, with a meme background. 

Which apps do you find useful for Lumia or any other Smartphone? 

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