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by - November 29, 2013

I'm neither a makeup lover, nor a makeup user!

These are some of the tips about makeup and beauty, that you'll love-

  1. Makeup products are SUPPOSED TO BE thrown once they pass their expiry date. Don't try to be a miser and stick with same product, just because there's lot of cream still alive in it!
  2. Buy products ONLY of well-known companies. No matter how expensive they seem, you should think about your skin protection, and then the price.
  3. If you're running out on a mascara or lip balm, then instead of pumping the tube up and down, you better try pushing the inner walls of the tube. You might be surprised after seeing so much cream coming out of the tube, which you thought wasn't there in.
  4. Wearing makeup before going to bed will only make your skin dull and dirty. So try washing your face before hitting the bed.
  5. Don't share your favorite lipsticks with your friend. You don't want to get her sore throat or cold. Sharing makeup products helps in transmitting colds, viruses and other illnesses. 
  6. If you wonder why your favorite lip color doesn't suit you now, then you must know that along with the changes in you, day by day, your skin tones are changing too. Concentrate on knowing which color suits your skin-tone now, instead of cribbing about those that you used when you were a kid!
  7. Don't go with a makeup product that you see on your friend's face or on your fave celeb. The colors that look great on their pale skin, won't just look great on yours!

Are you a makeup addict?

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