Hair Types & Haircuts

by - November 17, 2013

Now that you know how to deal with a face shape and have a haircut accordingly, you'll know in this post, the different hair types and a great cut following it-

(Photo from Instagram | theprettycitygirl)
  • DOs- A long blunt cut will look real great. You can also try short blunt cuts, as they will help in adding body to this hair type. 
  • DONTs- Stay away from long layers, as they make your straight and fine hair look super-thin, plus you might even shed lots of hair. 

  • DOs- A chin-length or a shoulder-length cut will look just nice. This will help in adding body to your Fine hair type. 
  • DONTs- Super-long hair would just make your curly-curls harder to handle. But if you have wavy hair type, then go for super-long hair! 

  • DOs- A shoulder-cut with face-framing layers would look great for such hair. If you want a straight-hair look, then blow-dry your hair with a straightening comb attachment. You can roll the edges with a rollers.
  • DONTs- Avoid long layers or extreme, extreme layers. 

  • DOs- This type is my personal favorite, and I really wish I had this hair-type. You can go on with any haircut/hairstyle. Long layered cuts really look amazing on this hair-type! Chin-length cut would aalow a free movement of your thickk mane.
  • DONTs- Blunt cuts. Stay away from these. 

  • DOs- If you have a real thick curly hair, then I guess you don't have other option than tying them up in a ponytail. A shoulder-length, or a bit below that would look pretty decent on this hair type. But if you have a thick wavy one, then you are just lucky, because they look real, real great.
  • DONTs- If you grow your hair curly hair longer, then beware, it might just be a havoc in managing those curls. Avoid super-short haircuts.

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