Basic Skin-Care Products

by - November 21, 2013

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Now that you know your skin type, let's find out which skin product suits you the best:

  • Mild bar soaps, the ones you have been using traditionally for bathing, since childhood, are termed as 'bar soaps'. They can be used on face, too. They're good for cleansing your facial skin too.
  • Good for // They are good for oily, normal and combination skin. They might irritate dry or sensitive skin. But honestly, I have a sort of oily skin, and I don't use these soaps, instead I use face-wash. Bar soaps tend to make my oily skin, super-oily. 

  • These are used in the place of soaps, and are more delicate on the skin. They deep-cleanse the skin.
  • Good for // They're great for oily and combination skin types, as they deep-cleanse, thus removing oils and removing dirt from the pores. They can be irritating to the dry skin.

  • These are smooth and they again deep-cleanse the skin. They are more hydrating than the bar soaps and foaming cleansers.
  • Good for // Gel ones are great for oily skin, and cream ones for the dry.

  • Moisturizer should be a part of your nocturnal routine.
  • Good for // Moisturizers are great for dry skin. My cousin sister use moisturizer even when it's super-humid and super-hot outside, well just because her face gets lot of drier. Other skin types should use moisturizer during winters, because, no-no, no one can refuse applying one, in those chilly months!

  • Face masks deep-cleanse your skin, and should be applied to your face, at least twice in a month. They are to be kept for at least 10 minutes. 
  • Good for // Again there are masks that can smooth-en your dry skin, or can remove oils from the oily skin. You just need to buy one, according to your skin type. 

  • Face scrubs or the exfoliate-rs are a soapy semi-liquid face-product, which has beads/seeds of different fruits/veggies. They are required to scrub off the dirt, dust, dead-skin and the black-heads/white-heads from the face.
  • Good for // They are great for oily or combination skin, as these skin types tend to accumulate more dirt or black-heads in their large pores. 

  • Nowadays, people generally carry face-wash, instead of bar soaps while going on a vacation, picnics, etc. They are better in cleansing, plus are available in different fragrance and types. And, yeah, there's one for every skin type. So better. They are my favorite methods of washing face.
  • Good for // They are available for every skin type. 

Mostly, all the types of skin products mentioned above, plus more that you know, are available for all skin types. So don't fret. Just go to a beauty-store and ask them there!


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