Organizing an Event // Tulshi Vivah

by - November 15, 2013

There are some days, when I'm so, so busy, that writing a post is just not at all possible. Yesterday was one of those. I was too busy, to even switch on the computer.
After directing college's play, this was the next big thing that I organized or managed. It was an event of my society, and I was one of the lead members to plan stuff and organize.

(Well, this is a blurry picture, as I did not have time to even wait for a photo to get clicked!)

Yesterday, in the morning, around 11:30, we planned to do something like a function/event for the society. After deciding the event and the time, we girls started running to every door in our society, and invited them at 8:00 in the evening, for the Tulshi Vivah.
Tulshi Vivah is a Hindu festival, where we conduct a marriage (Vivah) between Tulshi (a very auspicious plant for Hindus) and an unmarried boy, assumed as Lord Krishna.
So, after the oral invitations, we went to our respective homes for lunch, and then went for the best part- shopping! Though the shopping wasn't anything about clothes, accessories or shoes, we enjoyed it. We got the wafers, paper plates, plastic glasses and two big bottles of Mirinda and Pepsi. It might sound less, but it was very, very heavy!
After getting the stuff back home, I stayed at one of my building aunts's home to watch the mighty batting of the God of cricket- Sachin Tendulkar. 
I sat there for like a half-hour, and after it, it was Stumps for the day, and then I started moving my feet, again. I went to my house to have tea and cookies and changed into a different t-shirt. After all the freshening-up was over, I went down again.
We cleaned the chosen floor with a broom, sprinkled water on it, cleaned again. Brought the Puja stuff from a lady's house and kept it in a corner. Brought a table, and the Tulshi plant, and placed it over the table. Decorated the pot with gift papers. Took out all the chairs (there were 15 in all) from the society's pump-house. Cleaned all the chairs with an old cloth, and arranged the chairs with alternate colors, with the help of three little girls. Brought a tea-table from one of the homes, and washed it under a water-tap.
It was 7:00 till then, and was the time to bring the BIG THING from store. We hadn't ordered the food. So, after deciding who was going with me to the store- the little girls, or a lady. The lady won, and I'm thankful to the God that she did!
We left the place at 7:10 and walked very long to reach the store. We ordered 3 Kg Jalebis, and 65 Samosas! After waiting there for like half-hour, we got our parcels. SO. DAMN. HEAVY. It felt as if my hand muscles would tear anytime soon.
We reached our society at 8:05, and the guests had arrived already! We still had to change ourselves into traditional attires. We hurriedly went to our respective homes, and changed. I couldn't even lift my arms up, the parcel was so heavy!

(A totally random photo of me, dressed in an Indian attire.)

The event began, but my management was still on. After the event was over, everyone thanked me and others who were in the forefront. A successful event is when people come and tell you that it rocked. 

Have you ever organized an event?

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