Know your Hair Type

by - November 12, 2013

With this post, you'll know what type of hair you really have. Sounds exciting? Read further. 

  1. OILY HAIR // If you have sort of greasy hair, and they start getting greasier after combing, you know you have oily hair. Oily hair tend to get heavy and clumpy at the roots, with lots of brushing. They are sleek. 
  2. THIN, DRY HAIR // If your hair strands break easily, and have split-ends soon after a haircut, you have dry hair.
  3. FINE HAIR // If your hair don't weigh much, have less volume or don't have much body, you have fine hair. If you need to wrap your ponytail holder three to four times around them, you know they're Fine. 
  4. THICK HAIR // If your hair have a lot of volume, your hair is the Thick type. Your Thick hair just need a one or two wraps of ponytail holder.
  5. CURLY HAIR (Fine or Thick) // If you got waves, curls and ringlets, you know you're a curly girl! 

So? What is your type?

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