Top 3 Winter Care Tips

by - November 23, 2013

So, it's November 23rd, and you are experiencing cold winds and dry skins, already. The winters are not very strong here, in most parts of India, oh well, at least the part of India I reside in. But, the all-humid weather definitely turns into chilly-dry, here. 

I have top 3 winter tips that you all must follow for a soft and healthy skin:

  • YA, THE SUNSCREEN | No matter where you're heading to, a snowy place, or a normal winter-y place, do not forget to apply the good old sunscreen. Sunscreen in winter is as important as that in the summers. Apply a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher. 

  • MOISTURIZERS, BABY | Needless to say, these moisturizers and body lotions are a bliss to dry skins. Don't forget to apply a layer of them, every time your skin feels out of moisture and is crying for some. Carry a small replica of your favorite moisturizer, everywhere you go, in winter days.

  • LIP BUTTERS, SLICK-SLACK | Try applying lip-balms/lip-butters, instead of lip-glosses, in winters. And even if you apply a lip-gloss, don't forget to apply a layer of lip-butter, before. (Watch this space for a DIY post on making your own personalized lip-balms!) 

What are your top-3 winter care tips?

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