Great Apps for Nokia Lumia // Part II

by - November 04, 2013

So here's a second list for some useful Lumia apps.

Arsenal ClevFoot
Sorry for being too personal here, but if you are a Gunner like me, you might need to download this app. Though, there are some bugs in here, but I guess having something is better than having nothing at all. Oh, and yeah, COYG. 

Bluetooth Free
This app is essential for toggling between ON and OFF buttons for quick access to Bluetooth. I've pinned this app on my start window.

I use this app for checking out movie timings nearby. I don't necessarily 'book' the shows, but use it only and only to check the timings, for the unplanned movies. 

Collage 7
This is not a very good app for creating collages, but definitely useful at some extent. Usually, I have to just show the comparison between two photos, so I use the first template, and use just two horizontal boxes and put photos in them. Later crop other empty boxes. So it's a heck of a task.

For all the cricket fans out there, Cricbuzz is a great app to follow the news of your favorite team, or all the cricket teams worldwide. You can get live ball-to-ball updates on this app. 

Dhingana app is an online destination for music, from the oldies to the new Bollywood songs. The only problem is, you need a higher connectivity like a 3g or a WiFi. 

The official Facebook app for Windows Phone is a good one, but then it doesn't have Facebook's latest 'Feeling...', 'Listening to...', etc.

Foursquare app for Lumia is for sharing your check-ins, and adding photos to those places. I don't have many friends on Foursquare, so I am a bit lousy on this social app.

GoalLive is a great app for looking for match updates, for all the football teams across the world. I have downloaded this app recently, so not an expert in using it.

The third list is coming soon!

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