Day Out // Elephanta Caves (The Misses)

by - November 11, 2013

So, yesterday's post was about the things that I carried. But that's not enough. I had been to the Elephanta Caves, for the very first time. So that itself tells the list wasn't a perfect one.

Here are few of the things that I should have had carried there, but, well, didn't-

  1. Water // Though we carried one bottle, I guess, we should have carried one more. We all were very thirsty, plus the afternoon time was really tiring. 
  2. Hand Sanitizer // I always forget to buy one. I've used it many times, but not a daily user of it. I guess hand sanitizer is a MUST, no matter where you go. 
  3. Notepad and Pen // If we are going with a large group, then for calculations and maintaining record of who paid what, these things are required. 
  4. Talcum Powder // Well I don't use it, but I heard one of the ladies saying: we should have brought a bottle of powder along with us. 
  5. More Food // Others had brought enough food, so it was sufficient. But if it a small group, or a small family, more food should be carried, than just sandwiches. There is availability of good restaurants there, so not a matter. 
  6. Cash // There are few gorgeous things in the market, there. So, carrying a good amount of cash, is a tip from me. 
  7. Band Aids // Yes, I got a bruise on my palm, but missed a band aid, there. So I wished I carried one. 
  8. Scarf // Yes, we did carry a scarf, but that was for my mother. I guess I should have carried one for myself too. As the cap wasn't covering me enough. 

What additions would you do?

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