Fast Facts // Hair

by - November 18, 2013

All those facts about hair, that you didn't know-

  1. Hair is most vulnerable when it is wet. So handle your wet hair with care. Do not be harsh while you towel-dry it. Also, avoid combing wet hair.
  2. Don't always tie your hair in a ponytail holder, as much of tying activity will cause hair loss, due to constant hair-pulls. 
  3. Applying gel/sprays on your hair will look great, but then remove off the natural shine from your hair.
  4. Gels/sprays that have silicone as one of their ingredients, will make your hair greasy. So go for a product which promises you a healthy shine, and that comes with a mist-er. 
  5. Spray these mist-er type of styling products on your hair with just few pumps. 
  6. For wet hair, just spray a bit in the air, and then walk past by it. This way, the spray will get absorbed in different parts of your wet hair.
  7. After hitting gyms, you usually tend to have sweaty hair. So don't use any moisture-based products. Just dab your regular towel on the sweat, and style as usual. 
  8. Do not wash your hair too often, as it soaks off your natural nutrients. But if you're a sporty-girl, and usually wash it almost daily, then deep-condition your hair at least once a week. Deep-conditioning doesn't mean going to your favorite salons, it just means keeping the conditioner few minutes more, than you usually do. You can even apply a leave-in conditioner. 
  9. So you want to go swimming very eagerly, but just don't know how to take care of hair? Then, putting up braids and then wearing a swimming cap is a great way to protect it. These cute braids would not even tangle or frizz. 

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