Face-Shapes and the Perfect Haircut

by - November 08, 2013

You should know your face-shape, in order to know which haircut suits you the best.
To know your shape, just stand in front of the mirror, and with an old lipstick, draw the outline of your face. Easy, enough?

Now that you know your face shape, you can try haircuts, accordingly-

  1. OVAL // Long layered hair suits you the best. You can try haircuts that enhance your best features: Have awesome eyes? Go for cute bangs! Have amazing cheekbones? Try a layer cut that might just enhance them, further. 
  2. SQUARE // You need to avoid haircuts that end near your jaw-line, or even avoid middle-partition. You can try long or short hair, but ask your stylist to see what suits you the best. You can try razor-ed edges or chunky bangs. 
  3. HEART // Try a haircut that will enhance your jaw, and NOT your forehead. Soft waves or soft layers look cute. You need to avoid straight and long haircut. A shoulder length cut, with waves is ideal. Side part your hair and give them a bouncy look. This will distract the attention from your forehead and chin.
  4. ROUND // Long hair are ideal, as they distract the attention from the round-y face. The cut should have lots of bangs and frame your overall shape with a fun hairdo. Even, a short bob looks cute on round faces. 

What's your shape? 

P.S. Not just the shape of your face, but also the hair-type determines a good cut. 

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