Minimal Makeup // Diwali

by - November 02, 2013

So today was one of the few days in a year, when I had applied makeup. I love keeping a minimal and clear makeup. I'm not at all a makeup addict or a makeup lover. But since I'm a girl, my mom had insisted me to buy few of the makeup products when I was in my 10th grade. And since then I felt that a bit of makeup isn't going to harm me or my tom-boyish image. Thus, I started buying them.
Since I was a dancer in my school days, a bit of makeup was must during dance competitions, annual gatherings or celebrating the founder's birthdays. I used to apply my mom's lipstick and use the same as blush, and for the eyes? Well, I used to borrow stuff from my neighbor's. My neighbor used to help my mom in makeup and making me ready before every dance.

Now, I provide with makeup supplies to that same neighbor's little daughter's dances! What a sweet thanks!

(Image from Instagram | theprettycitygirl)

STEPS for basic makeup/clear makeup //

  1. Wash your face with a face-wash.
  2. Apply foundation with little drops of water and cotton balls on your face and neck (and the visible parts).
  3. Apply eye-liner.
  4. Apply mascara.
  5. Apply Kohl.
  6. Apply lipstick.
  7. Apply compact powder (right before stepping out).
Makeup products that I used //
  1. Face-wash :: Clean and Clear
  2. Foundation :: Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation
  3. Eye-liner :: Meilin Eyeliner (Waterproof)
  4. Mascara :: Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara (My new buy!)
  5. Kohl :: Maybelline Newyork The Colossal Kajal
  6. Lipstick :: Colorbar U.S.A
  7. Compact Powder :: Lakme Radiance Compact Natural Pearl for Fair Skin

How do you prefer? Light or Heavy makeup? Also, are you a makeup addict?

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