Short Tip #8 Black Jeans

by - November 06, 2013

This might be quite common to most of you. I don't have a single piece of a formal clothing- neither a shirt, nor a trousers, oh and not even formal shoes...and yet I give away so many presentations! (I have a formal handbag, though.)

I always end up wearing a semi-formal shirt or a formal-looking tunic as the formal shirt, and my old cherry-red flat bellies as my formal shoes. I'm seriously bored wearing the same type of clothes, for every presentation, and for every formal event.

I don't even have a pair of trousers, so, I end up wearing my BLACK JEANS as the trousers. I know it is very annoying, to dress the same for every formal event. But, I just don't want to splurge my money over a formal outfit.

Well, the simple reason behind me telling you guys about all the formal stuff is that, this can be a great outfit too. And black jeans are the best, plus they hardly look like 'jeans'.
I bought my only black jeans from Spykar, and must have altered and de-altered it, many, many times! But I love it, and it is very comfy.

Black jeans go great with any colour shirt, except if it is plain black. But otherwise, you go girl!

Do you own a typical formal outfit? Or do you just cheat like me?

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