Tips for Smellin' Good

by - December 15, 2013

Tips for smelling good, plus few tips on different scents, all in one post.

  • Apply your deodorant on your neck or wrists, to make the smell last longer. 
  • Spritz deodorant in air, close your eyes, and then walk through the scent. 
  • Re-apply your perfume whenever you need it.
  • If you feel like you're not getting the fragrance of your perfume after a while, don't worry, it's just because you've got used to it. Others can still smell your favorite perfume!
  • Don't re-apply perfume any time, just because you love doing so. Apply only when it's necessary. 
  • Perfume can smell bad if stored near direct sunlight. 
  • Keep the perfume in a dark and cool place. 
  • You can store your special perfume bottle in fridge (not freezer), to make it live long. 

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