Favorite Compartment Cleanup

by - December 26, 2013

I don't know why, but I love to post about my favorite drawers or compartments, and what things are there inside them. I love all the things inside these 'favorites'. This particular compartment doesn't have anything 'productive', but still, it manages to be my favorite.

This is a paper organizer or, you can say a file. I use it to keep my documents inside. A special post about it would be posted soon.

This strawberry shortcake folder is where I keep my creative stuff in. A detailed post about it, would be coming soon.

This pretty file has all my certificates. And again a post would be written soon.

A great way to treasure friendship. Keeping friendship bands inside a pouch. I've been collecting bands since my 7th grade!

I keep my papers here. There are these pages from notebooks that I've collected since I was a child. After the year's end, I used to tear the blank pages and keep them. I use these papers to make my own notes. I also use the A4 sized ones for assignments and sometimes projects.

My fancy notebooks. I don't know when and how I am going to use them, but yes, I love them a lot.

Photo albums. My mom says when I was a baby, they had lost their camera, and thus, my childhood photos are very scarce. So, I took out all the solo pictures of me, and placed them in these albums. It's good to have something exclusive.

Random stuff like the slam books, greeting cards, etc. have a sort of special place in this compartment.

Oh! My childhood toys. (No other place to keep them. So I use this compartment!)

Do you have any of such Favorite Drawer/Shelf/Compartment?

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