Stationery Shopping

by - December 27, 2013

Stationery shopping means more of DIY stuff for the blog. I'm excited to show it you guys. If you're my Instagram follower, then you must have seen the things already, but, if you aren't, then here's a treat for you, especially if you love stationery and craft!

I bought all the stationery/craft materials from Crawford Market, Mumbai. The sellers sell their items on a wholesale basis, which means, the prices go down for the buyers. My friend introduced me to this market. Not that I din't know about it earlier, but I always thought this was a more of regular market, where you get veggies, crockery, utensils, etc. But I'm glad I came to know about this place. Most of the architectural, engineering or the arts students come here to buy project papers, colors and brushes in bulk amount.

It seems less, but trust me, I'm very happy to buy these-

  • Glitter Glue
  • Max Pens
  • Tinted Sheets
  • Whitener
  • Washi Tape

I got this packet of six glitters for Rs. 40. Now I don't know if it's less or more, but anyway I bought it. Glitters were in my checklist. These glitters are longer than we usually get in stores. Glitters are useful to add up fun in otherwise boring projects. 

Max Pens are very cheap. I got a packet of 20 pens for Rs. 45. All of them have black ink. I hope I don't get bored using a similar looking pen, every time. 

These tinted sheets are the most favorite out of this shopping. There are 100 sheets inside, which I got for Rs. 80. They are A4, which means I can use them for my assignments and projects, plus they are 100! I can use them for so many things! They are in five colors: Blue, Yellow, Brown, Green and Red. I've made use of one of them, already, and I can't wait to show it to you guys.

I wanted a whitener to erase off my mistakes I made in my Agenda 2014. Writing the birthdays and anniversaries, submission dates, etc.

I liked the idea of a Washi tape. And thus, I got one. There weren't good designs, so I picked up this one.

Things made out of these supplies would be posted soon! Stay tuned.

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