CD Organization

by - December 24, 2013

CD organization is really interesting and fun, if you really wish to organize. With the invention of pen drives and hard disks, CDs just don't work for you, now. You won't have your stuff in CDs, but in PDs (pen drives). Yet you have so many CDs lying down in a corner of your shelf. You don't need them, but, um, you don't wanna throw them either.

These tips might help you to clean that old shelf and organize your good ol' pals - your CDs.

I know, CDs are totally off your market, and you needn't bother about them. But an organized shelf is any time better. So get off your seats, and organize!

Things you'll need-

  1. CDs
  2. CD Markers or Permanent Markers
  3. CD holders
  4. Flags
There aren't steps for this organization, as such. But some pictures that might help you in the process.

Firstly, take all the CDs that you have at your place. See to it that they are named. If they're not, then switch on the PC, insert the CDs, check the content, remove it out, and write on it whatever stuff is there inside.

Later, pile them up in three stacks.
ONE: Music or Audio
TWO: Videos or Films
THREE: Software and other Discs

This is my CD holder, and it is very, very old. It is from my 5th grade, and the handwriting that you see on it, is my 6th grade's. My dad bought this from a general stationary shop, one evening. I neither know its price, nor how many pockets it has.

This is how it looks from inside.

Now, the FUN part: sticking flags and dividing the CDs into three parts. I have selected first part as the Videos and Films, second as the Music and third as Software. You can use different colored flag for different part.

This is the width of the holder.

How do you organize your CDs? 

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