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by - December 21, 2013

Here are some things related to perfumes and scents that you didn't know-

  • Perfume makers refer different scents as 'notes'.
  • The bottom 'note' is the base of a perfume. It is the heaviest.
  • The middle 'note' is known as the 'heart note'. It is lighter and it takes few seconds before you can really smell it. 
  • The top 'note' is the lightest. It is the first scent that you smell when you spritz a perfume.
  • It takes 500 pounds of flower petals to make a single drop of perfume! 
  • Did you know? Some people have the hobby of collecting fun or unique looking perfume bottles. Later these bottles are auctioned. Some of these bottles have been sold for as high as 40,000$
  • Egyptians too used perfumes in the ancient times. They rubbed perfume balms on their bodies. They used them during religious and romantic ceremonies.
  • Never rub your wrists onto each other after applying perfume. Instead, lightly dab the wrists.
  • Try a perfume before actually buying one. The perfume on your BFF's clothes could smell differently than it would smell on yours. Perfume's fragrances are said to get mixed with a person's individual chemistry. 
  • Did you know? When the Titanic sank in the water, satchels containing different perfumes were sunk too. So later when it was discovered, the scent was still strong and clear!
  • Your gorgeous fragrance vanishes by the end of the day? Try applying layers of the same fragrance. Apply a shower-gel, a moisturizer, a deodorant and finally a perfume! Just don't over-apply them.
  • Allergic to perfume and still don't wanna smell gross? Then there are some alternatives to that: Use shampoos and conditioners that smell good, use scented talcum powders, use body scrubs and shower gels. 

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