Votre Pore Shrink Toner Review

by - January 21, 2016

I'm thankful to my aunt to introduce me to this toner. I have large pores on the cheeks near my nose. My aunt, who is a beautician, recommended me to try this product. She asked me to use it in the morning.
Here's how she'd asked me to use it:

  1. After waking up, wash face with a facewash immediately after you brush your teeth.
  2. When you have bath later in the morning, do not apply a facewash, but just wash your face with plain water.
  3. After the bath, spray the toner on a cotton pad and dab on your face.
I, however, use this twice--in the morning and at night before sleeping. 

I had purchased this 100ml toner for Rs. 380 from an online shopping site. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name. There are different types available, and I have exactly the one in the picture, and I'm reviewing the same.

I liked the packaging. The toner comes with a spray nozzle and a transparent cap to protect it. The cap is pretty tight and does not come out while travelling. Also, I really found the bottle very stylish. 

Earlier I used to use cotton to apply, but now I spray directly on my face. I concentrate on the areas where I know I need a toner. I spray it on my forehead, on the cheeks, near the nose, and on my chin. 
I discontinued using cotton because I could not trust cotton with my opened pores. 
I like the application as it is hassle-free. You just have to spray, wait for it to dry, and you're done!

The Key Ingredients are unbelievable! All of them are natural--tea tree oil, grape seed, aloe-vera, rose extract, strawberry extract, and watermelon extract. I was taken aback after reading the ingredients and was definitely happy and trusted it on my face as it is herbal.

It has shrunk my pores, at least that's what I believe. After scrubbing my face, I use this toner, and I feel good. I scrub my face with a mild scrub everyday. I can't really say how toners work, and nobody can say so. It hydrates and refreshes my skin, and so it's really great in summer.

- Stylish
-  Comes with a spray nozzle
- Feels refreshing
- Herbal
- Light-weight
- Travel-friendly
- Bottle lasts for more than a month

- A bit expensive
- Cannot really tell if it works or no

As this is light and hydrates skin, I would recommend it. I would at least suggest you to try this once before jumping onto conclusion. I know it's a bit pricey, but it would not disappoint you. I will repurchase it, if there's no new product in the market. 

Which toner do you use?

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