Productive Things to do on a Month End

By Rutuja Bhagwat - January 31, 2016

I'm happy that it's a month end and a Sunday. I always get more time to write on holidays than on a work-day. I had planned on writing the monthly 'Favourites' post, which I write on the month's end, but then settled on this one.
I want to share with you all the things I do and would do from this month onwards for a productive new month.

This is the first thing I do on a month end. I write as many birthdays and anniversaries as I remember, and then go to Facebook and write down the remaining birthdays from it. I write the birthdays of my best friends, family, current college mates, and few other close people. In my agenda, I've stuck cupcake stickers for birthdays, so that they stand up from other events.
Check out my cute blog stickers here:

This one is for bloggers, or for that matter, for YouTubers as well. Write down all the compulsory blog posts in a notebook. For February, I would write on Valentine's Day, excessively. I would write all the possible topics that come under this theme. This way I know to always be updated with what's going on, that is, which festival is coming up or what's the general theme of a month.
I've compiled monthly blog post ideas for 2016, and you can see them here:
Download the blog promotional free printable sheet, right here:

I've written this for those who run the house on their own. I don't have to do this as my mom takes care of it. But if you're single or not dependant on anybody, this one's for you. I suggest going to the departmental stores on month-ends rather than the first days of the month. You'll get lesser crowd. Shop all that the house needs--from fruits, veggies, snacks, and other munchies to liquid soap, shampoos, etc.

I guess I might start doing this from today onwards. Keep all the money from your wallet aside as 'savings'. No matter if it's one rupee coin or a 1000 rupees note, keep everything aside. Apart from what you save, this little trick will be an add-on. Start the new month with newly withdrawn money and keep a limit, just like the teenagers have a 'pocket-money' system.
Here's another trick to save money:

If you don't use the wall calendar for writing important tasks, you might ignore which month is displayed on it. So go ahead and flip the pages of all the wall calendars of the house!
Don't have a wall calendar yet? This DIY calendar is just what you need:

Ah! The same old thing! But you gotta do it, sweetie. Finish all the pending tasks and start the new month anew!

This means setting up seasonal goals. For example, February means planning out a surprise for your better half, cooking a valentine-themed meal, etc. Summer months could include swimming classes, joining gym, counting glasses of water you drink per day, taking up new hobbies, etc.

As I'm 21 and not earning, I am still in that phase where I want my whole wardrobe to be 'renovated'. I can start off by buying one fashion item per month, and by the end of the year, I'll have 12 pieces plus those I would buy in huge hauls. This method will give me 12 extra items other than those shopping sprees I go to.

If your exam lies in the next month, you can plan a study-schedule. Mark down when you will study which subject or the numbers of chapters/topics under each.

I have a closed one's birthday almost every month. If at all I'm planning a surprise, gift or a meetup, I think of it in the previous month's end. I write down in my agenda so that I don't forget in my busy schedule, like 'Buy a gift', 'Call Friends for Surprise', 'Make a Card', etc.

What do you do on month-ends for a productive new month?

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