How to Unpack Your Bag

by - January 03, 2016

Now that you're back from vacation, it is time to unpack the bag! There are two things everybody hate about travelling and going on trips--packing and unpacking. We have to pack in order to go on trips, but when it comes to unpacking, we tend to procrastinate. We hate how unpacking leads to a mess in the room. We already are fatigued due to the journey, and the mess just ticks off.
Today, I will write about how you can keep your stuff in your luggage throughout the journey, and then how to unpack like a pro.

First things first; on trip, when you change your old clothes into new, keep the old clothes in a plastic bag. Make sure you carry an extra plastic bag for keeping used clothes, especially, the lingerie.

When you come home, and after resting and doing whatever important things you've assigned for yourself, start unpacking the bag. Take out the plastic bag that consists of old clothes from the luggage, and throw the clothes in the washing machine/bathroom to wash. You can start the machine or wash your clothes right away.

Next, remove everything from the luggage, except clothes. This includes toiletries, makeup, jewellery, etc. The most important reason why I wanted to share how to unpack bag is 'Sorting According to Type/Place'. For example, in the picture below, I have sorted everything, except shoes and clothes, in different groups.

These include items to keep in the...

When you travel, you keep certain items from your daily handbag to the handbag you're carrying for the trip. So you won't keep stuff like pen or railway pass, but would keep a bottle of hand sanitizer, tissues, earphones, etc. When you're sorting, keep those items that you want back in your handbag separately.

I have a drawer in my closet where I keep jewellery, extra makeup, earrings, etc. This second group includes those things that would go inside that drawer.

These are things that would go inside the closet, but at different places. For example, the tissues and the wet wipes will go inside the sanitary napkin box that I've kept inside the closet to store sanitary napkins, tissues, wet wipes, and face masks.

In this, I'll keep all the makeup items that I use frequently. I keep kohl, lip-balm, etc. in it.

I have a big basket where I store nail polish bottles, skin & hair care products, and other related things. This group includes all those items I will stash inside that basket.

On my recent trip to Pune, I'd carried few medicines for headache, cold, periods, fever, etc. I'll keep these back in the medicines box, which is in my kitchen.

These pouches are by Fab Bag. I use them frequently, especially during trips. Sometimes I use them as a pencil pouch during exams. I made this separate group for pouches, as I keep them in a different compartment of my closet.

After the things are sorted, keep them at their respective places. Next, keep your shoes or other electronic gadgets like hair dryer, straightener, etc. wherever their original abode is. Also, keep everything except clothes, at this stage.

Now, sort your clothes according to their type (or according to the way you keep your clothes). I sorted my clothes like unused lingerie, fancy clothes that need not be washed, unused clothes, etc. (The clothes to be washed have already been sorted and put into washing machine/bathroom by us.)
Keep the clothes at their respective places. (If your closet was damaged a bit while packing, due to hurriedness, organize that as well.)

Zip your luggage bag, keep it at its place, and viola! You just unpacked your bag!

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