How to Make Your Cords Stand Out

by - January 22, 2016

This is a small trick, and I find it extremely useful. The card reader of my desktop is not functioning and so to access photos of my camera, I have to use the USB cord. I keep the cord inside the Random Access Shelf. It is so tough to search it, that I have to take out all the cords and then distinguish the one I need. Finally, I gave it a thought--

I took two ribbons and tied them towards both ends of the camera cord. Now, I'll just have to search the ribbons and I know where my cord is!

You can use same coloured ribbon for one cord if you want to distinguish multiple cords. For example, baby pink for cellphone charger, purple for camera cord, white for brother's cords, etc.
As I had to make only the camera cord stand out from the rest, I used different ribbons.

This becomes a great organization hack, plus also looks unbelievably pretty!

How do you organize cords?

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