How to Organize Receipts

by - January 07, 2016

In the latest online haul, I had received lot of receipts, which included even the 'return' and 'exchange' receipts. It was high-time that I looked for a solution to organize these receipts. For that, I just took a large zip-lock pouch and a marker!

I put inside all the receipts and different sort of important documents that belonged to only me (i.e., not those of the entire family). I just wrote 'Bills/Receipts' on the pouch and it was such an easy task.

This organization is at a micro level. When you run the household, you'll require a lengthier and more complex way of organizing. Don't worry as I'll be there for you guys, even then. 
Do request below if you want the complex way to organize all the receipts (like that of large electronic machineries, new clothes, doctors, etc.)!

How do you organize receipts? 

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