How to Save 'Blog Post' Ideas

by - January 08, 2016

Hi there, folks! I had planned to write on something else today, but was hunting makeup online and therefore, not much time was left to write a big post.

Today I'm going to write about how and where you can save all those millions of ideas you have for your blog. I use this method myself and it's super useful. This method has saved me many times, just like it had done today. (Okay, my wrists are numb and I cannot type properly!)

So? How to save blog ideas?

I use Microsoft OneNote to save all the information related to my blog. Right from blog post ideas to different blogging tools, this app stores it all. The best thing is that it syncs! I can access this information from my PC, cellphone or even laptop. (And when on cellphone, it doesn't use my data pack as it also has an option to sync on WiFi only!)

You can check this post out if you want a detailed information on Microsoft OneNote:

In the picture above, the 'Blog', 'Expenses', 'Shopping', etc. are Sections; and 'To Post', 'December Post Ideas', etc. are Pages under the Section 'Blog'.
In the 'To Post', I have used check-boxes. I tick them off after completing any posts I've used from this list.

This method is lovely and OneNote is Almighty! Goodnight! x

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