Colorbar Rum Raisin Lipstick Review

by - January 12, 2016

 Lately, I'm loving the brand Colorbar USA in lipsticks. I already have a Naked Pink shade, and it is pretty too.

The full name of the lipstick is Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Rum Raisin 4.2 g, in case you want to buy! I purchased it for ₹325 from Snapdeal. Other sites have it at a discounted rate, i.e., for ₹299, but the shipping charges make it ₹350 eventually. Research a bit, and then purchase it at the best price!

There is a story behind buying this lipstick! On one evening, I had met my best friend for coffee in a cafe nearby. She had worn this shade and as she had carried only a wallet, she gave the lipstick to me, so that I keep it safely in my clutch.
Luckily, she forgot to take it back and I had completely forgotten about it too. I remembered it after she was already gone.
The next day, I had to go to college to fill a university form. I thought of applying her lipstick and was shocked! The lipstick was stunning and looked great on me too. I made a point to purchase it, as it was one of the most unique shades I'd come across.

I'll go for an in-depth review of this lipstick.

I did not find the packaging that classy. It has a basic packaging, with silver body and a plastic cap. The cap of my old Colorbar lipstick has a crack and so it does not fit the body perfectly. If the cap would have been of metal, or been sturdier, I would say, the packaging was decent. In addition, after using the lipstick for a while, the transparent cap starts turning opaque, simply due to the usage. Also, if you hurriedly close the cap, swatches of lipstick might be seen on the transparent cap, which wouldn't have been the case if the cap was not transparent.

Colour or the 'Color' is stunning. I loved it. It's more like wine and not rum. It is also definitely not like raisins. So if you are excepting the colour to be like rum or raisin, then you're wrong--it's like wine. But anyway, the name fascinated me!
I would definitely recommend buying this shade, regardless of the price or any other criteria.

The lipstick is highly smooth and is rich in colour. You would be needed to apply it only once, and then once more, just to make it perfect. 

The lipstick does not fade or go away over time. But, if you eat or drink, it fades a little. As it is a dark colour, one must be careful while applying it. Also, if you dab your lipstick-covered lips on a tissue, the extra lipstick shall be gone, thus locking the elegant colour on your lips. The dark shade enables the lipstick to stay on for long.
I would suggest you to carry it along with you, along with a travel-sized facewash or makeup remover, just in case.

It is darker than how it looks in the photo. I feel confident and like a grown, mature woman after applying it. You can wear it to bring a bold statement to your otherwise pale look. It is perfect for dark skin too; rather, I would say, it is made for darker skin!

  • Gorgeous Colour
  • Smooth
  • Lipstick under ₹350
  • A bit pricey.
  • Dark shade, so one must be careful while applying
  • Fades a bit while eating or drinking
  • The cap is weak
  • Difficult while washing it off as it spreads on face
If you're looking for a bold, unique shade, this one is recommended. I personally found it adorable and would buy it again. It costs ₹325 and I must say, it is not bad.

Have you ever tried a Colorbar lipstick?

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