Republic Day Memories

by - January 26, 2016

Republic Day and Independence Day always take me back to my school-time memories. Like my classmate had posted on Facebook, "...the purest form of Republic Day celebrations is the early morning parade and flag hoisting by school kids..."

I have tons of memories from these two days, which revolve around dance and parade, and so many things in between. I might write few of those memories in today's post, and maybe the remaining few in the 'Independence Day Memories' post, if ever I write one.

Unlike today, Republic Day and Independence Day would be 'working' for us. We had to wake up at the same time as our school timing, i.e., early morning, and get dressed in the white PT (Physical Training) uniform. My school had four uniforms--the everyday one, the Scout and Guide one, PT uniform, and the Sports uniform. On these special days, we had to wear our PT uniform, which was white, with white canvas shoes, white ribbons, and white socks. Though I used to not really like this uniform, it always made me feel refreshed. Especially, the morning vibes on these two days...

I used to feel very lively and cheerful in the mornings where we assembled on school ground, sang patriotic songs and the National Anthem, watched the flag being hoisted by one of the 'main' persons of the school, and saluted, with tears in our eyes. The seeds of patriotism were sown in those days. Thanks to our marvellous school for giving us the chance to love the country, right since the childhood.

On most of the Republic and Independence Days, I have danced on aerobics or been a leader of my parade. Yes! I had a stunning voice and could really shout at the top of the lungs. I used to feel really proud in giving orders like, "Parade! Dahine Dekh! (Parade! Look at your left side!)," while saluting the principal, trustees, and other important persons of the school. I felt as proud as those soldiers in the Republic Day and Independence Day parades at the Raj Path, New Delhi.

After the celebrations, we used to walk to our homes, instead of taking the school-van, and really have fun on our way back home. After reaching, the joy of watching the Republic Day and Independence Day parade on Doordarshan with parents used to be a delight.

Just so that I could feel this energy and the good vibes all over again, I messaged my friends if they could accompany me for a morning walk today. We did go and I must tell you, it was brilliant!

What are your Republic Day/Independence Day memories?

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