Makeup Brushes

by - January 30, 2016

I cannot write an in-depth review on the brushes as they are not from a well known company. It'll be pointless if I write about these two.
These are the first brushes of my life. I do use a mini blush brush and an eye shadow brush, but not a full length one. I'm glad to have purchased these.

I was initially thinking of buying a pack of five brushes, which had a blush brush, eye applicator, eye shadow, lip liner, and a lip filler brush. Buying this set of five was a good deal, and I was almost about to purchase the pack too.
However, when I went to the Crawford Market, I changed my mind. I thought of buying brushes that were really useful to me. I wanted two brushes that I thought I would need the most--blush/powder brush and foundation brush.

Let me tell you, I loved both of them. The powder brush was for Rs.100 and the foundation one for Rs.50. I saved a lot of money by purchasing two needful brushes instead of five useless ones.
The application is good and the bristles are soft.

Do comment below if you want the location of the store and any other details!

How many brushes do you own?

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