Maybelline Keep Up The Flame + Lakme Nail Color Remover Reviews

by - January 19, 2016

Keep Up The Flame is a Red coloured nailpolish and not Pink

This is a requested post. Instead of individually reviewing the nailpolish, I thought of going on with a review of the Lakme remover along. Just today, I applied a pink coat on my nails, as tomorrow it's my graduation day!
The dress-code is white upper and black lower, where pencil skirts are not allowed. I'm gonna wear a white kurta, black leggings, pink bindi, golden jhumke (earrings), black heels, and pinkish makeup. For all the 'pink' here, I thought of applying a pink nailpolish too.

Without further due, let's get into the reviews.

This 'Color Show' range of Maybelline is in the market since a long time. I was unfortunate to not have purchased it earlier. I'm doing this particular review as it was requested. I've tried other Color Show nailpolishes as well, and they have all those qualities I will mention below.
The bottle is a cylindrical shaped and holds 6ml. The price is Rs. 100, but I purchased it for Rs. 85 from At first, I'd thought that 85 was too much for a 6ml bottle. But, after owning it, I'm happy that I purchased it.

The colour is the typical bright red that was once in trend. It's a lovely, fresh colour, and is perfect for summer. I love how it looks with a pair of flip-flops and well pedicured feet. 

The consistency is not very thick and not very thin. I would say it is quite ideal for perfect nails. One coat is pretty enough to go for some time. If the shade is lighter like baby pink or light blue, two coats are suggested.
As the consistency is neither thick nor thin, the application is as smooth as butter. I loved how I could apply the polish easily on my nails.  

I had tried just one coat to see how long it can go without chipping. The nailpolish was chip-free for around 4-5 days. If you apply a top coat over it, the polish might last for one good week. I used my fingers too much, and so I can comment on the lasting power.

- Smooth Application
- Perfect Consistency
- Colour is bright and fun
- Comes under nailpolishes below Rs. 100
- Has many shades in this range
- One coat is sufficient
- Lasts for almost a week

- A bit pricey for 6ml

If you're someone who is crazy about different nailpolishes and would not mind spending few rupees extra, this one's meant for you.

Here are some of the pictures from my Instagram account where my red nails were seen:


I'm using this remover since years. I don't know when it has come in the market, but I'm sure I've purchased it really soon after its launch. It is the cheapest branded nailpolish remover in the market.
The bottle consists of 27ml and is for Rs. 75. I know that if we take a bottle that has more quantity than this, there might be some options open. But for a small purchase, 27ml is good.

Here by application I mean the level of easiness while pouring the liquid on a cotton ball. The bottle has a small opening to drizzle a bit of it on cotton, which is not an issue. 
I guess the remover could be a bit problematic, as sometimes when I try to remove the polish, my nails turn dry; it's as if my nails are chipping!

It does remove the polish nicely, and you can remove the polish from two nails at one go. (I don't use too much of remover.)

All I'm scared about is the glass bottle. I fear its falling down and breaking into pieces. I guess the bottle should have been a plastic one instead of glass.

- Removes polish easily
- Not a pungent odour
- Comes under removers below Rs. 100
- Easy to apply
- Contains Vitamin E

- A bit pricey for 27ml
- Glass bottle. Should have been plastic

Buy it, or if you want more quantity, search for a cheaper but branded option.

Have you ever tried these two?

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