Blog Promotion Printable Sheet

by - January 24, 2016

Since a lot of bloggers are approaching my blog, I thought of designing a cute printable for all the bloggers out there! Lately, I've been focussing a lot on the blog promotional activities, and it was tough to keep a track of the social media sites where I promote my blog. So, I thought of designing a printable to keep me organized and not worry about remembering where all I have posted!

I'll quickly write about the specifications of this sheet. I printed it on an A4 size paper, and the printer setting was 'normal'.

I have put icons of the top 4 social media sites bloggers use. However, if you use any other, I've provided an extra column for that.
I have also provided a 'Day' column, a 'Posts' column, and a space to write which month it is.
The rows are 31, that is, you can write about 31 posts from one month.


Do let me know if you want any customized printables! Lots of love.

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