How to Use Lists to the Maximum Limit

by - January 11, 2016

Day before yesterday, I had been to a movie theatre to watch a Marathi movie namely 'Natsamrat'. If you haven't watched it, watch it today! It's beautiful. Don't worry; there are English subtitles that run through it, so the language won't be an issue.

Yesterday, I went with my friends for an arts festival and returned home quite late. The card reader is sick and so I could not access the photos I had clicked for today's post. I somehow could find the data cable of my camera today.

If you have ever used the long lists, you must have wondered what to do of the extra lines that remain in the bottom after writing down stuff. I always ended up throwing the sheet after finishing all the tasks assigned, thus ignoring the extra lines that were going waste.

In order to use lists to their maximum, start writing from the bottom of the page to the top.

Once you've written, say about 10 lines out of the 20, take a ruler and tear off the bottom 'written' part of the list. In this way, you'll get your to-dos, plus won't waste an entire sheet for just 10 tasks.

You can start rewriting from the bottom to the top, when you sit down making lists again. Due to this method, you use one sheet to write tasks of two or more days.

I also loved these small chits that are very easy to carry in your wallet.

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