Eye Makeup Remover Trick + My Routine

by - January 16, 2016

The credit goes to my best friend. When I had gone to Pune on the 30th for the New Year's eve, I learnt quite a few life hacks. After we were back from clubbing, we had to remove our makeup. The eyes are the most annoying parts of the body to remove makeup, I feel. Currently, I own no makeup removers.
My makeup is removed nicely with the facewash I use. However, my eyes still remain with smudged eyeliner all over.

My best friend told me this little trick and it works wonders!

I will write about the simple routine I follow in order to ensure all the makeup is gone, which also includes the trick! (I would like to say it again: I don't own a bottle of makeup remover.)

It may sound obvious, but I would still like to mention it here. I tie my hair nicely and see to it that no tresses are anywhere on my face. If you have bangs or short flicks, I would suggest you to use a headband too. 

I wet my face with water and try to remove whatever makeup is possible by it. Usually, any light coloured lipstick is gone by just rubbing my lips with plain water.

Take any kind of oil on your palm and use it to remove the makeup. No matter how stubborn your eyeliner is, it's gonna wipe off. I use the Bajaj Almond Drops oil (30ml), which is meant for hair. We have kept this little bottle near the wash basin and so it's easy to grab it. You can use any kind of oil you want. I frankly love this little bottle and I'm using it currently. 
Apply oil on your eyelids and massage your eyes. Remove all the eye makeup, even the mascara from your eyelashes or the kohl from the waterline. As far as I know, I had had no irritation or burning sensation by using oil near my eyes. If you have smudge-proof or waterproof makeup products like this one, the area near your eyes might darken as the products might spread while wiping. Do not worry! 
Take cotton and try to wipe as much makeup as possible. I am too lazy to use cotton, so I skip this step. But as this trick belongs to my best friend, she'd told me that she uses cotton to wipe the makeup off!

Even if you still find your face oily, due to the oil, do not worry! Wash your entire face with a facewash or a cleanser. I use the Clean and Clear facewash. Use a mild facewash, as you don't want to damage your skin! 

After my face is as naked as a baby's face, I take a hand towel and pat dry. If you harshly dry your face, the towel might irritate your facial skin!

This is an add-on. If you feel like you've been too harsh with your skin, you can apply moisturiser, or any cream that you use to relax your muscles. 

Which makeup remover(s) do you use?

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