The 3 Things I Do Before Sleeping

by - January 13, 2016

Before sleeping, I do these three things compulsorily. No matter how tired I am or how fresh I am, I follow these three things. My night routine is stable, majorly because of these three tasks.

This has been a part of the night routine ever since my childhood. My parents used to send me to the toilet, and without it, I used to not sleep. This little routine has been with me ever since. I am thankful to my parents as I don't have to wake up in between to visit the loo, as I already empty the tank before sleeping.

I intentionally wrote 'with a facewash' here. I don't wash my face with water only. I wash it with a facewash. I simply cannot rest my body on the bed unless I've washed my face. Sometimes, when it is too cold outside (i.e., when I'm not in Mumbai in winters), I quickly wash face without a facewash, and then little harshly, I wipe my face with a towel (in order to remove oil). But otherwise, I have always used a facewash. The facewash I use is the Clean & Clear one, and I've been using it since three years. It works wonders on my skin.

I drink a glass of water irrespective of how cold or windy it is at night. If at all I'm having a bad throat or cold in winters or monsoon, I heat the water for 30 seconds in a microwave and drink it. No matter where I'm carrying out the night routine, I drink water wherever I am, before hitting the bed. I drink one full glass of water, and if I'm heating it, I drink a big mug of water.

I don't sleep without doing these three chores, which I call as night tasks. Few things have always been adding or subtracting from my nightly routine, but these three are constant. I will share a post on my current night routine soon, in which I will also explain the reasons for the particular order I follow. 

What are those things you follow every night, no matter where you are?

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