Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara Review

by - January 25, 2016

I wanted a mascara that would bring volume to my lashes. So I was hunting for one that would boost my lashes and not that would 'curl them up'.

I purchased this mascara from Crawford Market at around Rs. 325 (I don't remember the price correctly).

Most of the mascaras come in this shape and such packaging. So there's no much to tell. I liked the colour combination, which is yellow and aqua blue. I guess the 'Colossal' range comes in yellow colour.

The application is smooth and the wand comes in the shape shown above. It does clump a bit on the eyelashes, but it can be easily cleaned with finger-tips. As the wand is thick, we cannot apply it properly in the inner corners of the eyes.

The mascara is smooth and we don't need to push the lashes hard. Just one light stroke and they're curled upwards. Some mascaras need to be given heavy strokes in order to curl the lashes. But this one is pretty good at it, and there are no regrets.
The mascara really is waterproof, as it claims. Even after removing makeup, your eyelashes still look curled and pretty. I don't think the mascara smudges on contact with water. I guess it's a good buy for monsoon.

- Curls up
- Smooth application
- Waterproof
- Jet black

- Doesn't really bring volume
- A bit pricey

I really liked the mascara as it is easy to use and does not need heavy strokes. The best thing is that the eyelashes look really pretty after this. I would recommend it to others; but as always, if there's a better deal, go for it.

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Which mascara are you using?

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