Blog Post Ideas for 2016

by - January 06, 2016

Hello, my fellow bloggers! This list is for those who are under this niche of blogging. I've come up with blog post ideas for every month, depending on the festivals and the seasons of 2016. I'm too excited as I myself will get some aid in case I turn blank on a particular day.

Feel free to use these ideas, and don't forget to acknowledge there!

2016 Goals
2016 Resolutions
Makar Sankranti--Recipes, Outfit
Republic Day--Outfit, Childhood Memories
New Traditions that You'll Follow on Republic Days
A List of Vows that You'll Make (and Follow) towards your Country

Valentine's Day--Gift Ideas, Outfit Ideas
Best Restaurants in Town for Couples

Mahashivratri--Recipes, Traditions
Skin and Hair Care Guide for Holi
Holi--Photographs, Traditions, Memories
Easter--Eggs Decoration, Outfit Ideas, Memories, Traditions
Exam Related Posts
Birthday Posts (depending on when your birthday falls!)

Summer--Beauty Hacks, Trips, Skin Care
Gudhi Padva--Recipes, Outfit, Memories
Ambedkar Jayanti Related Posts
Mahavir Jayanti Related Posts

Maharashtra Day--Top Cities/Hill Stations/Hotels/Tourist Places in Maharashtra
Buddha Pournima Related Posts
Summer--Beauty Hacks, Trips, Skin Care
Summer Fashion Trends

Monsoon Photos
Monsoon Trips
Monsoon Hair Care
Monsoon Fashion Trends

Back to School/College--Organization, Printables, Hacks, Note Taking
Monsoon Memories
Eid Special--Outfit, Recipes, Traditions, Memories
Guru Pournima Memories

Independence Day--Outfit Ideas, Memories
New Traditions that You'll Follow on Independence Day
Narali Pournima Recipes
Pateti Related Posts
Raksha Bandhan Related Posts--Gifts to Give, Gifts you Received, Photographs, Memories
Dahi Handi Memories
Friendship Day--Memories, Places to Hangout, Gift Ideas

Ganesh Chaturthi--Memories, Photographs, Visits to Famous Ganesh Temples, Traditions
Bakri Eid Special--Outfit, Recipes, Traditions, Memories

Exam Related Posts
Navratri--Outfits, Dance, Memories, Photographs
Moharram Related Posts
Diwali--Outfits, Traditions, Memories, Recipes, Photographs
Kojagiri Pournima Special

Bhaubheej--Gifts to Give, Gifts you Received, Photographs, Memories
Guru Nanak Jayanti Related Posts

Winter Fun
Round-Up of all Important Things in Life (including blog stats)
2016 Favourites
New Year Plans
Eid-e-Milad Special
Christmas Related Posts--Decoration, Recipes, Traditions, Outfits, Memories
Resolution Ideas

What can you add to this list?

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