Watches and Backpacks for Men

by - May 08, 2015


Hey guys! My BFF, Anurag, wanted to buy a watch and a backpack, and for that he'd asked me to suggest him. I did suggest him. And you know, just like everything ends up on TPCG, even this did. Thanks to him that I got an idea for this post.
I'm linking few amazing watches and backpacks for men, which I suggested him (except for Arsenal and Barcelona backpacks). Just go and click on the images in case you wanna buy them.


Here are some great backpacks for both men and women. (I'm sure you would buy the Barcelona one, as a token of respect towards Messi's incredible goal against Bayern Munich!)






That's it guys. I hope TPCG is not just for the pretty ladies, but for the handsome guys too!

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