DIY Tumbler

by - May 26, 2015


It's not a hard DIY; but just a random thought that occurred after I emptied the hot chocolate container. I transferred all the powder from this plastic container to a glass jar. Though the container is a bit wobbly, it still would be a great tumbler for a quick OJ in summers, or hot chocolate in winters. And the fact that the container is cute, is an added bonus.

I remember, when I used to live in Pune, my uncle used to work in Oman. He was the only close family member, in those days, to live abroad. Whenever he used to return, he would bring along a ton of chocolates and really amazing stationary and other supplies. He used to bring Tang and Kinder Joy chocolates back then, some 15 years ago. It used to be like a treat for all of us.
I also remember him buying hot chocolate packets that had those extremely soft marshmallows; I remember drinking it in the cold winter nights of Pune.
It would be an enjoyable experience to drink that hot chocolate from this self-made tumbler.

 Remember that terribly huge Reliance Fresh haul? During that haul, I'd also put this Cabdury's Hot Chocolate container inside the trolley. After drinking it for the first time, I'd emptied it into a different glass jar, as I did not trust its lid. If the cocoa powder spills, it's going to be a nastier business cleaning it, than if the chocolate drink spills.

So here's how to get a lovely tumbler without spending a rupee:

1 ~ Take Cadbury Hot Chocolate, and empty its content in another jar.

2 ~ On its lid, make a hole, big enough for a straw to go in. My dad did it with a blade.
3 ~ Make your favourite drink and pour it inside.
4 ~ Put the lid back to the tumbler.

5 ~  Insert the straw.
6 ~ And then drink from it, like a boss!

Make it and let me know how it went, in the comments below.
Lots of love.

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