Gatsby Men's Set

by - May 01, 2015

After the awards ceremony, there was a lucky draw; in it, two lucky guys won this hamper by Gatsby; and I'm one of them. I could not believe this, as I am a sucker when it comes to lucky draws or anything 'free'.

It came in this large pouch. I'm glad that the products inside are of no use to me, but the pouch is. It is a great pouch to hold toiletries while traveling.

These are the four products that came inside the bag. The best part is they're all of full size, and no travel size, and the sad part is, three out of the four products have May 2015 as their expiry date, and one product is already expired in last year. (I feel cheated, yes.)

Hair Gel: As written on the tube, it gives a wet glossy look to the hair. 
Quantity: 100 g

Face Wash: It is a facewash for oily skin.
Quantity: 120 g

Shaving Cream: This is already expired, but my brother still used it, just few minutes ago.
Quantity: 70 g

 After Shave Lotion: It is Spicy.
Quantity: 100 ml

I am happy about all the products, especially their size. But as they're about to expire, I don't know what to say.

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